How do I clone apps on my phone?

How do I clone apps on my phone?

Usually you can only run one copy of an application from one device. For example, Instagram, Whatsapp, or others. But in some cases we just have to create another copy of the app. The maximum number of accounts in one Instagram app is 5. Clone the app and we can already manage 10 Instagram accounts from one device.


Some manufacturers, Honor and Xiaomi, have this feature built in by default. But if your Android device can't clone the app by default, you can use Dual Space software.


Using the software is elementary simple. Open the application. Press "+". Check the boxes next to the applications you want to clone. And press the "Clone" button. Now you can manage multiple Whatsapp or Instagram accounts from one mobile device. You can also add them to your desktop. Just click and lead to the top left corner "Create Shortcut".


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The 1 application that is fully compatible with WhatsApp. If you find that WhatsApp crashes in other cloned apps, please choose DualSpace. We can guarantee the running stability of WhatsApp.


Do you frequently switch different social account of the same app on your phone?


Have you ever used two or more phones to keep your accounts online just in case you miss a message from WhatsApp?

Now, the black technology, Dual Space has released! It can solve your problem perfectly! You can simply use one phone to log into multiple accounts and keep them all online at the same time! And you don't need to worry about the message reception and data storage problem of the different accounts, as they work independently without affecting each other.


Keep multiple social accounts logged in at the same time

- If you keep your personal accounts and your work accounts online at the same time, you can easily balance between life and work.


- Almost all social apps are supported for a second account in Dual Space. Data from different accounts won't interfere with each other.


Privacy zone & app clone function

- Want to keep your own account secret so it can't be found? Dual Space builds a privacy zone for you that leaves no trace in the phone system. It can hide your private account and cannot be seen by others, ensuring your data security and protecting your privacy.


- Dual Space is a latest technology that can clone applications. No other applications will be installed on your phone, so your phone will run smoothly!


- Quickly switch between different accounts with just one button.


- When two accounts are running on your phone at the same time, you can easily switch them with just one button to manage different accounts effectively.



- We have researched the tool software for many years, and the ability to log in multiple accounts at the same time can ensure stable operation.


- Simple interface operation.


- APP's file small, low CPU consumption, low power consumption.


- Fast cloning, all applications can be opened twice.



- Permissions: Dual Space has requested as many system permissions as possible to ensure that the apps cloned in Dual Space can run normally. For example, if Dual Space is not allowed to get camera permissions, you will not be able to use the camera function in some apps running in Dual Space. Dual Space does not collect personal information to protect your privacy.


- Malicious virus warning: We have found that some antivirus software maliciously issues a virus warning because Dual Space requests system permissions. If you experience this situation, please do not worry. Dual Space is a perfectly safe application that does not contain any virus.


- Notifications: Please add Dual Space to the whitelist of some boost apps to make sure that notifications of some cloned apps work fine.


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