Don't waste time! SMS verification number is your way to success

Don't waste time! SMS verification number is your way to success

Virtual  phone numbers are necessary in all businesses. Have you thought of having an online number, for any country in the world, which you will receive messages from different other businesses?

Social media platforms obliged their users to register with phone numbers; Do you consider personal privacy, and you afraid of using your personal phone number there?

Your phone number is blocked from certain apps/websites, and you want to use their services?

Can you imagine register WhatsApp on your phone with a different country phone number?

Well, today is creating a sophisticated SMS verification service, that allows our customers to receive activation messages online with a temporary or one-time virtual number.


So, what is SMS verification?

          In order to access any platforms today, while you are registering they ask for a phone number, so they send you a verification code that allows you to start using their services, for example: Whatsapp.


Why you should choose us? present a world-class holistic service for receiving activation code online

        You can use for receiving messages from Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Paypal, Netflix, eBay, and more…

        Our network is worldwide covering more than 170 countries numbers

        Our goal is to present a high-quality service. So, one of our main features is we charge our customers only when they receive messages, If your virtual number hasn't got any message, your money will get returned to your balance

        Our system is very safe, and the messages highly encrypted, no one can see or check your messages

        Our prices are cheaper in comparison to the services we are providing

        Our service payment process, support: Paypal and credit cards including Visa, Master Card

        Our service is free from any commission charges

        We provide 24/7 customer service


How I can benefit from the service?

You can easily register by clicking on "Get a SMS" or "Rent SMS" and choose the country, the provider, and the platform you want to receive SMS from


Get an SMS/ Rent SMS, what the difference?

In, we offer two main features about our service:

1.       In Get a SMS: You get a phone number of more than 150 countries worldwide and the possibility to receive incoming verification codes from any platforms in a period of 20 minutes.

2.       In Rent SMS: Unlike the "Get an SMS", the rent period can be last from 4 hour to 8 weeks. "Full Rent" is incoming SMS from any service, include more than 12 countries:  England, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Sweden, Latvia, Greece , Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Hong Kong and more.



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